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Adsorbex Litter Deodoriser
Most cat litter on the market will absorb the liquid wastes from the animals, but very few actually remove cat urine smell from the litter tray and the ammonia odour that can difuse from them gradually filling up the room in which the trays are left. Add a tablespoon of Adsorbex to the litter tray and smell how much it reduces the strong ammonia type odour.
Adsorbex deodoriser for cat urine odour from smelly litter trays GBP 2.99
Adsorbex Litter Deodoriser
Adsorbex Litter Deodoriser will control the unpleasant cat urine odours that emminate from used Litter trays.It does not have any chemical or perfume masking agents, its as pure and natural as nature intended it to be.

Adsorbex Litter Deodoriser economy size GBP 17.99 - Single Bucket inc. delivery
GBP 11.99 - Multiple Buckets exc. delivery
Adsorbex Litter Deodoriser 5kg
Our economical bargain bucket that compared to the 500 gram pots works out at half the price saveing on 10 plastic pots with lids and filling and weighing time,this is buy far the best way to buy it if you have already found out if it works for you .

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