Planet Care Products are your leading distributor agents for the Adsorbex Odour adsorbent and Wastex orgainic waste digester with odour control Environmental pollution control products.

Adsorbex does not cover up a smell with scents or perfumes it actualy removes them and is 100% natural, just as nature intended. Odours such as ammonia, cat pee smell, wet dog smell and even tobacco smoke can be reduced with this non-scented natural mineral.

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pet accidents ie  remove cat smells caused by cat urine and dog pee can be easily removed by using Adsorbex Powder and or Wastex. click on picture to find out more.
Removes puppy pee problems from carpets that smell.click on picture to find out more.
Adsorbex Cage Fresh fine granules removes smells and ammonia from Hamster or Mouse Cages.Thus reducing the attraction to flies and insects.
Adsorbex Cage Fresh instantly removes the ammonia smell from pigeon droppings and stops unpleasant levels of odour in the pigeon loft from building up in future.Can also be used as a mineral supplement in feed. click on picture to find out more.
Removes smells from rabbits hutches and reduces fly attaction,maggots and ammonia,resulting in a happier and healthier environment
Removes bilge smells and heads odour on boats
Controls the build up of ammonia and odours associated with keeping ferrets
Adsorbex multisachets can be used to remove odour from pet litter trays as an alternative to the filter, the advantage being it is re-usable!
Cat pee smell use Adsorbex Powder Dog smells on carpets, dog training Smelly Hamster and Mouse Cages. Pigeons Lofts
Feed Mineral
Cage Fresh
Rabbit Hutches
Cage Fresh
Bilge Smells
and Odours
from Heads
Ferret Cages
use Adsorbex Cage Fresh
Adsorbex Multi sachet
Odour Filter
Adsorbex Cat Litter Deodoriser improves litter life and removes smells and ammonia
Adsorbex Powder in water helps remove ammonia smells from concrete kennel floors
Adsorbex StableSorb helps dry up urine and control ammonia levels in stables and horse boxes
removes stale cigarette smoke from rooms and stops ashtray smells
Keeps Motorhomes Free of damp or musty smells and pet smells whilst Wastex clears and deodorises shower/sink drains
Wet dog smells in cars use Adsorbex Multi Sachets to prevent unpleasant build up
Paint fumes can be prevented from building up to unpleasant levels by using Adsorbex multi sachets click on picture to find out more
Food smells in Fridges use Adsorbex Mini Sachets
Litter Trays
Stablesorb granules
Stale tobacco smoke smell /
and ashtays
Caravans and Boats
Dog smells in cars
Multi sachets
Paint smell use Adsorbex
Multi Sachets
Mini Sachets
for Fresh†Fridges
Remove Dustbin smells using Adsorbex bin deodorant Powder
Flood damage odours and mould or mildew smell can be removed with Adsorbex
Smelly Trainers  Use Adsorbex  Powder to remove foot odour smell use shoe sachets for prevention
Use Adsorbex Mini Sachets in Laundry baskets
Removes the smell of old spilt milk and soaks up fresh spills
Use 2 multisachets in monthly rotation to help reduce toxic build up of ammonia and pollutants or use loose zeolite for koi click on link
Wastex stain remover will digest pet stains ie blood,urine, vomit,beer organically and Adsorbex Powder will help draw out the moisture
Dustbin Smell use Adsorbex
Flood or Smoke damage, Powder
and Multi Sachets
Smelly Shoes
Trainers use Powder
A mini sachet in the hamper
keeps it fresh
Old and fresh milk spills use
Ammonia removal in
Fish Ponds
NEW Book Deodoriser Kit Old organic stains use
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Customers Ordering from the USA: Just click on the USA flag below to be sent to "the allergy store" who is a zeolite products distributor in America. You will also find a wide range of other allergy related and products to remove odors

Adsorbex often called "absorbex" is made from clinoptilolite, which is a 100% Natural mineral of the Zeolite group. It has many remarkable properties. It can absorb or adsorb gases, chemical or paint fumes, odours or smoke smells. It can absorb up to a third of its weight in ammonia. Ammonia is the primary gas that emanates from animalís urine especially from carpets after cat spray or dog urine (pee) also the floors in stables or Horse boxes if it has been left there a while.
Ammonia also comes from ferret smell, hamster, cavies, mouse cages or Rabbit hutches. Ammonia and odours will attract flies to the area that can lead to fly strike if not controlled, thus improving your animal health and environment. Adsorbex and Wastex have also been used to remove smells such as spilt milk, stale beer stains in pubs or taxis, oils spills as well as pet accidents.
It makes a very good odourless dustbin deodorant powder for smelly dustbins now that some areas have a fortnightly collection. The sachets of Adsorbex are used to remove pet smells, for example wet dog smell or cigarette and tobacco smoke smell from cars, vans or rooms. Smaller sachets are available for use in shoes, boots, trainers, fridges, cupboards, wardrobes or laundry baskets.

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