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Dry floors and Ammonia control
All of these products are made using 100% Natural Zeolite Mineral. No added fragrances to just cover up odours
Adsorbex Cage fresh 500gram for small pets like mice or hamsters GBP 3.99
Adsorbex Cage Fresh 500gram
From avery birds such finches and parrots to pigeons and poultry. Mouse cages to Rabbit hutches damp smelly floors in hutches,cages or Pigeon lofts can attract flies and allow bacteria to multiply and thus maggots to these areas. Even after cleaning wood floors still hold odours and moisture and give off Ammonia which is detrimental to the livestock. By sprinkling the floors with Cage Fresh the smell will be quickly and safely removed and the floors dried up even with livestock still present. When used as a mineral supplement feed additive for Pigeons or Poultry. Its effect is to decrease diarrhoea by adsorbing harmful substances. It can be added to feed trays

Adsorbex Cage Fresh 900g Refill for use in ferret cages and rabbit hutches GBP 5.99
Adsorbex Cage Fresh 900g Refill
Once you have used Adsorbex Cage Fresh you will notice just how effective it can be at controlling Ammonia and other pungent gases produced by livestock waste. Some animals ie Ferrets can produce odours from hormones in their body odour which contains ammonia amongst other gases. Adsorbex in the ferret cages can greatly improve the environment and make it more socialable to live with. The 1 Kilo Refill pack is ideal for those will a few animals and an economical way to buy Adsorbex Cage Fresh ...

Adsorbex Cage Fresh 5kg Drum for use with ferret breeders or rabbit breeders GBP 14.99  plus 8.50 shiping

Adsorbex Cage Fresh 5kg Drum
For breeders of Rabbits,Cavies,Ferrets and other fur and feather animals, the 5kg Drum of Adsorbex Cage Fresh is a very economical way of finding out just how benefical it can be to have little or no smell in animal housing, no complaints from neighbours or councils and hardy any disease carrying flies and is safe even if eaten by the animals. Indeed poultry, pigeons can even benefit from eating the granules sprinkled in their bedding. ...

Another use reported by our customers for Cage Fresh Granules is to deodorise old musty or Smokey Books. By having a layer of them in bottom of large plastic box and laying the books on top.NOTE: For multiple orders of this product click HERE to use the Online Store.

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