What is Adsorbex?

What is Adsorbex?Adsorbex sometimes called absorbex is the tradename for a naturally occurring mineral zeolite which was created from the interaction of ash from volcanoes and alkaline/saline lakes millions of years ago. Zeolite has an amazing crystaline structure and is capable of adsorbing ( hence the name) an electro chemical process and absorbing a physical mechanical process many types of smells , gases, moisture and metal ions.

The Zeolite gets its name from the greek "zeo" translated means to boil and "Lithos" translated means stone. This boiling stone property can be seen when it is heated, as you can see a lot of water leaving as steam.

Today the reputation of this remarkable mineral is becoming more widely known. Zeolites are attractive commercially because of their unusual properties due to their crystal structure. They are made up of network of silicon and oxygen atoms and aluminium is exchange for some of the silicon, creating what is known as an aluminosilcate with a rock full of a network of cavities a bit like the consistancy of a honeycomb. Because the aluminium atom has 3 electrons and silicon has 4 electrons the mineral is left with an negative charge. Metal ions such as calcium , sodium, magnesium and potassium can balance this negative charge and sit loosly surrounded by water within its crystaline structure. As they dont quite fill its structure these molecules can be replaced or excahanged without changing its crstal structure.

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