Adsorbex will remove  any smell from virtually anywhere. From a wet dog to paint fumes. It attracts odours just like a magnet attracts iron and holds them like a sponge holds water.

The Multi Bags or Sachets Can last up to 6 months before they saturate.
When Saturated you can regenerate them to use again using the heat from the Sun. This heats up the zeolite rock and therefore causes the gases and odours to expand and escape from the huge network on cavities within the structure of the zeolite.


These gases are then set free outside to slowly vapourise into the atmosphere thus emptying the bags for use once again.Temperatures of 30 centigrade or above are ideal and takes one to two days,but you must not leave them outside all night. Bring them indoors before the evening damp air sets in, as they will quickly absorb the moisture and therefore saturate quicker.

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