Adsorbex 4 U
Adsorbex 4 U
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Wastex is a unique, biologically active formulation containing specialized bacterial strains and biodegradable cleaners. It is specifically designed for multi-surface cleaning and odour control. Odour control applications include bathroom lines, toilets, urinals, sinks, showers as well as refuse disposal equipment, linen collection areas . Multi-surface applications include surfaces such as walls, tiled areas, floors, carpets and upholstery.

Areas of Use
General cleaning - Use as a normal cleaner for sinks, showers, floors, tiled walls, etc. Removes surface dirt and residual organics from pores of wood and concrete, tile grouting,pores of ceramics, between fibers, and fixtures.

Odours - Can be sprayed, mopped or sponged to remove odours from bathrooms, urinals, floors, soiled carpet or fabric.

Carpets - Can be used to spot clean or shampoo carpets, curtains or laundry to remove deep organic stains such as food, wine, vomit, urine, etc. and the resultant odours. Degrades organic matter such as urine,cat spray, faeces, blood, food, sweat, soft drinks, milk.

Directions for Use

General cleaning - Use diluted 1 glass (25 ml) to half a bucket of hand hot water (= 5 litres) for cleaning floors, showers, sinks, urinals, tiled areas.

Odours - Hand trigger spray a 50% solution with hand hot water into urinals, sinks, showers, toilets and leave wet.

Carpets : Cat Urine
Spot clean : spray neat solution and then sponge with hand hot water to remove deep down stains in carpets, fabrics and laundry. The bacterial actions will digest deep down soil and stains and remove unpleasant odours. In case of odours coming from heavy soiled areas : milk, vomit, pet urine, blood, coffee, etc. remove as much solid as possible.
Before using, test a small area of fabric for colour stability. Spray the area with neat product, take a sponge with plenty of water to brush and wet the area. Cover with a damp towel, let it work overnight. When dry sprinkle some Adsorbex Powder over the treated area and leave for 12 to 24 hours. Repeat the operation once more if odour persists.

Carpet machine : Use as a normal cleaner in carpet shampoo equipment diluted 10 to 1.

Pipe cleaning - A nightly squirt into kitchen and bathroom sinks will keep drain pipes clean and clear of organic residual wastes and overcome unpleasant drain odours.

Wastex contains a blend of safe Bacillus microorganisms. Toxicity studies done by an independent laboratory revealed that the Wastex  Liquid  has no acute oral toxicity, no acute dermal toxicity, and no acute inhalation toxicity at maximal test dose. Acute dermal irritation and acute eye irritation studies classify the Wastex Liquid as non-irritating. The Liquids also
does not elicit a skin sensitization reaction.

Sponge onto surface or spray 4-6 inches from surface and try to avoid breathing in the mist as it my cause irritation.

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